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Web Development Roadmap 2018

Our front end, back end and full stack developers work on latest, super-fast, high performance and robust technologies available in 2018.  We strongly believe that our customers should know the technologies used to build their beloved project.  Explained below :

Front End Web Development: for appearance and style we use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

CSS technologies: Bootstrap 4 framework with Flexbox Layout, Sass pre-processor, SMACSS methodology for writing structured CSS and HTML code.   

JavaScript: our developers are using ES2015/ES6 (modern JavaScript), Microsoft TypeScript with new awesome features, Gulp, npm Scripts task runners, Yarn package manager, React framework, Wepack module loader / bundler to organize files and finally to the test application we use Mocha, Jasmine, Karma tools. AJAX /API is used for asynchronized functionality and Chrome Developer Tools to accelerate debugging process, have cleaner code and fast front end page performance.

Back End Development

Scripting languages with frameworks: PHP Laravel, Python Django, Node.js Express. 

Compiled languages: Java, C#, Go and Rust.

Data: Relational based Databases – MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle.

No SQL Databases: to store documents MongoDB,  Cassandra, Firebase.

Caching: Redis.

Search Engine: Solr, ElasticSearch.

Web Servers: Nginx, Apache 

Authentication: OAuth 2.0, JSON Web Token RESTful APIs

SOLID / DRY / KISS / YAGNI code writing principles are followed.  

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