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DevOps + Agile Unifying software development and operations effectively

Our DevOps Systems Engineer collaborates with the development teams in order to drive operational efficiency, systems performance, scalability, security, and continuous deployment. 

  • Deploying, automating and maintaing Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to ensure high performance, scalability and security.
  • Build and configure management of production systems.
  • Conduct system troubleshooting and problem solving across all platforms and application domains.
  • Execute architecture improvements and process improvements.
  • Deploying new technology solutions and vendor products.
  • Ensuring critical system security through best cloud security solutions.
  • Production class monitoring, metrics system and other processes.  
  • Ensuring scalability for future growth. 

Technologies + Agile methodologies:

  • Amazon Web Services technologies: (e.g. EC2, RDS, ELB, EBS, S3, VPC, IAM, CloudWatch) with best practice cloud security.
  • Google Cloud Platform technologies.
  • Ensuring 24x7 uptime Cloud based (AWS and GCP) environment with automation experience with configuration management tools.
  • Using Linux systems and administration.
  • Continuous Integration & Use of Delivery Tools: CI/CD automation tools such as chef, puppet, Jenkins, docker.
  • Using effective system monitoring tools (Sensu, Uchiwa, Nagios etc.).
  • Analyzing and resolving complex infrastructure resource and application deployment issues.
  • Scripting/Programming in Bash, Ruby, Go, Python
  • Agile Methodologies followed strictly for software and project development.
  • Administrating version control systems such as Github.

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