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Data is just not used for statistical results. In fact, it’s the place where business ideas originate. We inspire the curiosity of everyone at a company to dig deep and analyze data for smarter, wiser and profitable decisions.

Yes, there’s a lot of hype around buzzwords like ‘big data’, ‘data driven’ and ‘data democracy’. The data analytics industry has yet really delivered problem solving results because of over taxed analysts, expensive database cost and slow processing. Surely, the BI (Business Intelligence) databases, analytics are becoming more user-friendly, faster and cheaper.

The big data revolution has led to cheaper and faster data analytic databases (mostly on Cloud). The MPP (massively parallel processing) datawarehouses and SQL on Hadoop systems are incredibly fast and cheaper. You can simply do analytics performance directly in the database on Cloud.

There’s a technological shift on cloud based Data Platform. The databases are so cheap, companies can store all their information – from every SaaS application, customer tracking code and every transaction in one place and query it.

So, essentially we provide the following solutions on Big Data:

Product: Business Intelligence and Embedded Analytics

Data Platform: Data Platform and Data Modeling

BI Platform: How it works:

  1. Connect to any relational base database like Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift.
  2. Our AI generates a data model for your schema.
  3. Refine the model to reflect your company’s business logic and unique metrics
  4. .Build the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards and departmental reports followed by an invite to all users to self serve.

Embedded Analytics: making it simple to build and deploy right within customer product line. No more complex ETLs (Extract, transform, load) tools, agile modelling layer to future proof your analytics and deploy own embedded iFrame or using JavaScript and RESTful API.

Data Platform: How it works=> All Data –> Any SQL Database –> Customized Business Logic –> A tool that everyone can use.

Highlights: 100% browser based, easy to share and access data in your existing contexts like in slack, everyone can export directly or locally to Google Drive / Dropbox, S3, fully embedded with SSO, Full RESTful API.

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