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Application Development and Support Using Java, C# and Go for enterprise software

Our core strength is in Java programming at enterprise, embedded and network level. Java remains world's #1 choice for software development because of robust, extensible, cross-functionality, powerful development tools, security features, etc.  Java has its own run time environment (JRE) and API, it is called platform. Java programming is used for standalone, web, enterprise and mobile applications. Developers use four Java platforms / editions: Java SE (Standard Edition), Java EE (Enterprise Edition), Java ME (Micro Edition), Java FX.  

Our team of developers have extensive experience with applications design, integration and deployment in an integrated global environment.

  • Our developers have solid Object Oriented and Service Oriented Architecture design concepts working on Spring Framework, ORM tools, Scala, JRuby, Clojure, Groovy Hibernate, REST and micro services APIs. 

  • Strong experience in designing and developing multi tier web applications using RESTful web services, Java EE, all other Java platform technologies and AngularJS on front end.

  • Strong Java Expertise including but not limited to Core Java, Concurrency and Multithreading, Networking (including non-blocking IO), JDBC, RMI.
  • Deep knowledge of JVM intervals, Garbage Collection, Concurrency.
  • Experts in Java NIO and concurrency.
  • Strong in Java / J2EE Performance Tuning and Optimization.
  • Experienced with Spark, Kafka, Apache Hadoop YARN.
  • Our developers strictly adhere and implement Java DevOps extended by Agile / Scrum methodologies for a faster and fail proof development.
  • Use PMD Java for code debugging. 

Traditonal Development in C, C++, C# for ongoing network  and systems engineering related projects. 

New Technologies: Go lang and Rust are the new age 2018 high compiled languages.  We continue our passionate learning journey to create and deploy challenging projects in them. 

24 x 7 Fast Tech Support and Updates: We are on toes for super fast tech support and updates to our clients.    

We have a proven ability to innovate, brainstorm and communicate future driven technologies to our customers.

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