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We enable solutions by Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Ayana Systems was founded with the belief to build applications with brilliance. We are an elite team of developers, engineers who passionately work to make beautiful, creative, meaningful and purposeful tech products with innovative, new age technologies. Our heart and soul, relentless efforts goes into building the next generation applications for the business leaders of the world.

What We Do: We build platforms for businesses who want to start fresh or update their digital ecosystem. In simple words, a technology services and solution provider helping clients create their future.

How We Work: Firstly, access the current client IT infrastructure and build an advanced technology blueprint. Secondly, execute iterative software design, development and implementation. Lastly, maintain, modify and scale up the existing platform for future growth.

Our Story: Chin and Sumeet (the promoters) started off their careers at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago as Associate Economists. Both had academic backgrounds in finance, economics and computer science. The strong understanding and use of economics, math, computer science and finance in real world enabled them to build problem solving models. The obsessive problem solver passion continued that led to the dream to start own venture.

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