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Application Development and Support

Our core strength is in Java programming at enterprise, embedded and network level. Java remains world's #1 choice for software development because of robust, extensible, cross-functionality, powerful development tools, security features, etc.  Java has its own run time environment (JRE) and API, it is called platform. Java programming is used for standalone, web, enterprise and mobile applications. Developers use four Java platforms / editions: Java SE (Standard Edition), Java EE (Enterprise Edition), Java ME (Micro Edition), Java FX.  

Our team of developers have extensive experience with applications design, integration and deployment in an integrated global environment.

  • Our developers have solid Object Oriented and Service Oriented Architecture design concepts working on Spring Framework, ORM tools, Scala, JRuby, Clojure, Groovy Hibernate, REST and micro services APIs. 

  • Strong experience in designing and developing multi tier web applications using RESTful web services, Java EE, all other Java platform technologies and AngularJS on front end.

  • Strong Java Expertise including but not limited to Core Java, Concurrency and Multithreading, Networking (including non-blocking IO), JDBC, RMI.
  • Deep knowledge of JVM intervals, Garbage Collection, Concurrency.
  • Experts in Java NIO and concurrency.
  • Strong in Java / J2EE Performance Tuning and Optimization.
  • Experienced with Spark, Kafka, Apache Hadoop YARN.
  • Our developers strictly adhere and implement Java DevOps extended by Agile / Scrum methodologies for a faster and fail proof development.
  • Use PMD Java for code debugging. 

Traditonal Development in C, C++, C# for ongoing network  and systems engineering related projects. 

New Technologies: Go lang and Rust are the new age 2018 high compiled languages.  We continue our passionate learning journey to create and deploy challenging projects in them. 

24 x 7 Fast Tech Support and Updates: We are on toes for super fast tech support and updates to our clients.    

We have a proven ability to innovate, brainstorm and communicate future driven technologies to our customers.

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Web Development

Our front end, back end and full stack developers work on latest, super-fast, high performance and robust technologies available in 2018.  We strongly believe that our customers should know the technologies used to build their beloved project.  Explained below :

Front End Web Development: for appearance and style we use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

CSS technologies: Bootstrap 4 framework with Flexbox Layout, Sass pre-processor, SMACSS methodology for writing structured CSS and HTML code.   

JavaScript: our developers are using ES2015/ES6 (modern JavaScript), Microsoft TypeScript with new awesome features, Gulp, npm Scripts task runners, Yarn package manager, React framework, Wepack module loader / bundler to organize files and finally to the test application we use Mocha, Jasmine, Karma tools. AJAX /API is used for asynchronized functionality and Chrome Developer Tools to accelerate debugging process, have cleaner code and fast front end page performance.

Back End Development

Scripting languages with frameworks: PHP Laravel, Python Django, Node.js Express. 

Compiled languages: Java, C#, Go and Rust.

Data: Relational based Databases – MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle.

No SQL Databases: to store documents MongoDB,  Cassandra, Firebase.

Caching: Redis.

Search Engine: Solr, ElasticSearch.

Web Servers: Nginx, Apache 

Authentication: OAuth 2.0, JSON Web Token RESTful APIs

SOLID / DRY / KISS / YAGNI code writing principles are followed.  

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Mobility Solutions

Reach out to a new audience by adding more value thru mobile app. Our process: the development team works closely with clients to deliver exceptional user experiences with best technologies. We start every project with design-driven approach to product development. Close attention is paid to customer business goals, product metrics and performance throughout product development process.

Mobile App: UX Design + UI Design + Development

Apple iOS 

  • We have a talented and collaborative team with skilled macOS /iOS engineers that develop innovative new mobile and embedded applications.
  • Proficient in Objective C and Swift 4 programming. Latest X Code 9 version being used. 
  • Experienced in developing applications using AppKit / UIKit
  • Experience in building high performance macOS or iOS applications.
  • Deep knowledge of the Apple software ecosystem Working on advanced augmented reality AR and virtual reality VR support offered in ARKit and Metal 2.
  • Experienced in using DirectX and OpenGL for game development.


We have a young brains team developing applications using Android 3.0 framework to create UI faster and deliver high quality work. Latest Android technologies like Kotlin and Architecture components are used to rapidly develop high maintainable applications.

  • Strong programmers in Java, Android 2.2+ SDK/NDK Development (Web Services & API’s, LBS, UI and XML, Layout Design, Social Network Integration, Content Providers), XML, JSON, SQLite3 and MySQL
  • Experienced with latest Android Studio 3.0 development framework. 
  • Eclipse and analytical tools like Find Bugs and PMD.
  • Extensive knowledge on Hybrid Application and publishing applications in Android market.
  • Experts in PHP driven CMSes and versioning tool like SVN.
  • We use latest Test Automation tools like: Mocha, Jasmine, Expresso, Appium & Selenium.

New Technologies: ReactNative:  Building mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React and letting you compose a rich mobile UI. 

We do work in a few cross platform / hybrid app development frameworks like Xamarin (C#, Microsoft solution), Fuse and Framework 7. 

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Cloud Computing, AI and ML

In any industry, the management cannot take any strategic performance improvement and operational decisions without giving an assent on cost optimization. Today, the cost efficiencies are driven by technology solutions enabled by Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. There are various white papers published to validate it. Without a doubt, there is a progressive increase in savings with NexGen technology solutions.

We provide consulting, system integration and implementation of digital tools use to rationalize and simplify the business process. We build customized applications with advanced applied mathematics and computer science that enables automation of repetitive tasks on customer and back office sides. The core IT infrastructure, server side applications are not changed. Intelligent software, robot automation brings precision, high quality production and way faster than traditional method. The result is increase in savings and profits. Running and managing IT infrastructure on cloud saves easily 30 to 40% cost compared to on premises deployment.

We offer Oracle Cloud Solutions.  It offers seamlessly integrated Cloud Platform, Intelligent Business Applications and Emerging Technologies for business.  Customers can build a personalized business on Oracle: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and On Premises complete and integrated solution. 

We do suggest, consulting and depolyment of business on Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure that are meaningful for our customer needs. 

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DevOps + Agile

Our DevOps Systems Engineer collaborates with the development teams in order to drive operational efficiency, systems performance, scalability, security, and continuous deployment. 

  • Deploying, automating and maintaing Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to ensure high performance, scalability and security.
  • Build and configure management of production systems.
  • Conduct system troubleshooting and problem solving across all platforms and application domains.
  • Execute architecture improvements and process improvements.
  • Deploying new technology solutions and vendor products.
  • Ensuring critical system security through best cloud security solutions.
  • Production class monitoring, metrics system and other processes.  
  • Ensuring scalability for future growth. 

Technologies + Agile methodologies:

  • Amazon Web Services technologies: (e.g. EC2, RDS, ELB, EBS, S3, VPC, IAM, CloudWatch) with best practice cloud security.
  • Google Cloud Platform technologies.
  • Ensuring 24x7 uptime Cloud based (AWS and GCP) environment with automation experience with configuration management tools.
  • Using Linux systems and administration.
  • Continuous Integration & Use of Delivery Tools: CI/CD automation tools such as chef, puppet, Jenkins, docker.
  • Using effective system monitoring tools (Sensu, Uchiwa, Nagios etc.).
  • Analyzing and resolving complex infrastructure resource and application deployment issues.
  • Scripting/Programming in Bash, Ruby, Go, Python
  • Agile Methodologies followed strictly for software and project development.
  • Administrating version control systems such as Github.
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Big Data

Data is just not used for statistical results. In fact, it’s the place where business ideas originate. We inspire the curiosity of everyone at a company to dig deep and analyze data for smarter, wiser and profitable decisions.

Yes, there’s a lot of hype around buzzwords like ‘big data’, ‘data driven’ and ‘data democracy’. The data analytics industry has yet really delivered problem solving results because of over taxed analysts, expensive database cost and slow processing. Surely, the BI (Business Intelligence) databases, analytics are becoming more user-friendly, faster and cheaper.

The big data revolution has led to cheaper and faster data analytic databases (mostly on Cloud). The MPP (massively parallel processing) datawarehouses and SQL on Hadoop systems are incredibly fast and cheaper. You can simply do analytics performance directly in the database on Cloud.

There’s a technological shift on cloud based Data Platform. The databases are so cheap, companies can store all their information – from every SaaS application, customer tracking code and every transaction in one place and query it.

So, essentially we provide the following solutions on Big Data:

Product: Business Intelligence and Embedded Analytics

Data Platform: Data Platform and Data Modeling

BI Platform: How it works:

  1. Connect to any relational base database like Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift.
  2. Our AI generates a data model for your schema.
  3. Refine the model to reflect your company’s business logic and unique metrics
  4. .Build the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards and departmental reports followed by an invite to all users to self serve.

Embedded Analytics: making it simple to build and deploy right within customer product line. No more complex ETLs (Extract, transform, load) tools, agile modelling layer to future proof your analytics and deploy own embedded iFrame or using JavaScript and RESTful API.

Data Platform: How it works=> All Data –> Any SQL Database –> Customized Business Logic –> A tool that everyone can use.

Highlights: 100% browser based, easy to share and access data in your existing contexts like in slack, everyone can export directly or locally to Google Drive / Dropbox, S3, fully embedded with SSO, Full RESTful API.

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An incorruptible digital ledger or economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but pretty much everything of value over a distributed database network. It’s imperative that we are geared up for the future wave.

Our team is seriously taking Blockchain development as the future. We do coding in Go Language (Google), Solidity used for Ethereum. Go is an advanced version of C/C++ with high level mathematical computation capabilities.

Blockchain technology is the new internet with built in robustness. By storing blocks of information that are identical across its network, the blockchain cannot be controlled by an single entity or regulator and has no single point of failure. Most of the crypto currencies and smart contracts are written in Java, C++, Python, Ruby. We do high level programming in all the above mentioned.

Some of the business application opportunities on New Web 3.0 are Smart Contracts: Distributed ledgers enable the coding of simple contracts that will execute when specified conditions are met, the sharing economy such as Peer to Peer Payments, Crowdfunding, Governance, File Storage, Internet of Things, Stock Trading, Land Title Registration, Data and Identity Management Protection of Intellectual Property.

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About Us

Ayana Systems was founded with the belief to build applications with brilliance. We are an elite team of developers, engineers who passionately work to make beautiful, creative, meaningful and purposeful tech products with innovative, new age technologies. Our heart and soul, relentless efforts goes into building the next generation applications for the business leaders of the world.

What We Do: We build platforms for businesses who want to start fresh or update their digital ecosystem. In simple words, a technology services and solution provider helping clients create their future.

How We Work: Firstly, access the current client IT infrastructure and build an advanced technology blueprint. Secondly, execute iterative software design, development and implementation. Lastly, maintain, modify and scale up the existing platform for future growth.

Our Story: Chin and Sumeet (the promoters) started off their careers at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago as Associate Economists. Both had academic backgrounds in finance, economics and computer science. The strong understanding and use of economics, math, computer science and finance in real world enabled them to build problem solving models. The obsessive problem solver passion continued that led to the dream to start own venture.

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Sumeet SawhneyFounder

B.S Finance, Syracuse University

M.S Computer Science, University of Chicago

Sumeet SawhneyFounder

I like to create beautiful things. Constantly re-inventing myself and work on new stuff. I’m an earthy person, love beaches, sushi and contact sports.

Chin Te LiuCo-Founder

B.A Economics, University of Chicago

M.A Economics, University of Michigan

Chin Te LiuCo-Founder

I am an obsessive problem solver. Always contemplating better solutions to every problem and sometimes to problems others have not yet perceived. I am a certified Ski and Snowboard Instructor although I have yet to quit my day job.

Jen Pohland GaymuSenior Advisor - Finance

B.A Syracuse University

Major in Economics, Finance and Fashion Merchandising

Jen Pohland GaymuSenior Advisor - Finance

Working as Vice President Finance and Treasurer at Peloton Interactive Inc., NY. Past work experience as finance expert for VINCE, Burberry, Kenneth Cole and Kate Spade. She is an active triathlete, swimmer, marathon runner and biker.

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